4 MUST Read Reviews on Asian Food in Gastonia

You may have heard that Bep-pa in Gastonia is running a Limited Time Only Menu right now.  Well, here are the 4 Reviews you must read about the new #LTO items we are serving:

1) Bún Măng Vịt (Duck Soup)

Just yesterday I had a customer tell me this review in person:

“I’ve had duck before but I’ve never had anything like this. It’s…weird and amazing at the same time.”

I’ve certainly experienced a few things that were both weird and amazing at the same time (and it seems like I’ve always wanted seconds…)

2) Gỏi Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Salad)

One particular customer tried the Gỏi Gà on Tuesday for the first time. She described it as“amazing”.

On Wednesday she came back–and brought a friend with her!

3) Korean Corn Dogs

The reaction people usually have when I first serve them their Korean Corn Dog is a one word “ooo” or “aaahhh”.

But one customer on Monday was perhaps more helpful, saying“Oh, that’s interesting.”

It must have been tasty as well–because as she as it was gone, she ordered 4 more.

4) Cháo Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Porridge)

“The absolute best. I could eat this every day.”

I have personally witnessed the lady that said this telling at least 5 or 6 different people that they must try the Cháo Gà. She did this of her own accord because, well, that’s just how impressed she was with this dish.


I can say this about all the LTO items we are serving right now:

They are very unassuming. They don’t have the appearance of being all that spectacular.

But I have seen that people absolutely love these authentic Vietnamese and Korean dishes once they try them!ư