About Us

Bep-pa, Asian Cuisine through a Vietnamese Lens

Hi, I’m Christopher the owner of Bep-pa.

(That’s me in the pic)

I started Bep-pa because I love Asian food and I want to share that love with you.

At Bep-pa, I serve Vietnamese, Thai, Sushi, and select dishes from Korea, Japan, and China.

(LTO specials and unique treats are a thing here so the menu is always being refreshed)

That said, my culinary experience is rooted in Vietnamese tradition.

Now, for most people that doesn’t clarify much. Trust me, I get it. Vietnamese cuisine is one of those foods that’s just on the edge of the horizon—you’ve heard about it but don’t know much beyond that. Let me explain a little…

Vietnam is ideally situation to produce excellent cooks—in my opinion, the best! And I’m not just saying that because my wife’s Vietnamese 😉

Vietnam has borrowed and adapted dishes and ingredients from China, Korea, Japan, and the many South Eastern Asian countries. Yet they have also had large influences from the west, including France (think: Bánh Mì) and America.

In fact, the Vietnamese are experts at borrowing and improving.

Not only that, but Vietnam’s geographical location provides a wide range of ingredients with which the Vietnamese have become familiar.

Tropical spices and fruits are available year-round from the south but winter produce and spices are available from the northern part of the country.

When you add all this together what you get is a range of flavors that are exotic, delicious, and fun.

Trust me, you’re going to be wowed by what you discover here!

So you’ve got to stop by and try some of these dishes out–Not only because you’re going to love them, but also because there is just so much to explore.

In fact, every time I go to Vietnam I make it a point to eat out every single day.

Not only do I love eating the food—but I love discovering new flavors that I can then bring back to you.

If you love food (like I do), or love to explore new foods, or already know you love what’s on our menu, then come by and say hello.

I’ll be happy to serve you.

-Christopher Ballard