Authentic Vietnamese (and Korean) dishes now available...

But wait, what exactly are these dishes? And are they available in Gastonia?

Here’s some more info for you.

Bún Măng Vịt – Duck & Bamboo Soup

This unique Vietnamese soup is a one of a kind dish. The broth is made form duck. If you’ve never had a duck soup before, be prepared for a full broth with a hearty taste.

Then there’s the bamboo which, along with the other ingredients, blends well with the duck broth and make the experience unmistakably Vietnamese.

To top it off is the ginger sauce—no, NOT the sauce you’re familiar with that’s served at Japanese steakhouses, but something totally amazing! This 100% authentic Vietnamese sauce really sets the dish off.

Did we mention that at Bep-pa we make our Bún Măng Vịt from scratch, in house?


Gỏi Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Salad)

Gỏi gà is a classic dish that is sounds basic but is one you do NOT want to pass up on. Cabbage forms the base of this ‘salad’, and it’s blended with herbs and seasoning that make this dish pop. You’re going to love the flavor! Oh, and did we mention how healthy it is?


Korean Corn Dogs

These are a new take on an American classic.

You may or may not like corn dogs, but odds are you’re going to love these. Filled with cheese and then dressed with sauce, one thing you will certainly love about Korean Corn Dogs is just how fun they are.

Most people find that they try them for the novelty of it, and then order them again because they were just so darn good!


Cháo Gà

Cháo gà is a home-style meal like no other.

It’s labeled as ‘porridge’ on the menu, but no label can really do this dish justice. Layers of flavor great your tongue as you slurp this Vietnamese chicken soup. This dish involves beansprouts, gỏi (that cabbage salad from above, sans the chicken), chicken, herbs, and lots of yummy!  


Now, just an FYI.

These items are on our Limited Time Only menu, so they won’t be around for long. Make sure you try them while you can. We’ve got a couple other things on there too, like Japanese Fritters and Kim Chi Dumpling Soup…but those we’ll save for a later post!