High Quality Wholesale Chopsticks Now Available

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  • Color: tan
  • Material: Bamboo
  • 6mm * 23cm–pairs
  • Package Content: 70 Pairs per bag
  • 20 bags per case
  • Highest Quality
  • These will raise the level of the to go service at your establishment.
  • Wrapped in eco-friendly paper with English and Vietnamese.
Country of Origin: Vietnam

These high quality chopsticks are the very best in carry-out chopsticks.  They are thicker than the typical “to-go chopsticks”, which makes them easier for the customer to hold and manipulate.  They are also stronger, so perfect for take away items like Hibachi, Pho, Stir fry, Pad Thai, and Lo Mein.


We Offer Free Delivery To the Greater Gastonia Area on orders of 8 Cases or More!!!

Wholesale Pricing:
By the Bag
(70 pairs per bag)
1 – 10 Bags:            $4 / bag
11 – 20 Bags           $3.50 / bag
By the Case
(20 bags per case = 20*70=1400 pairs per case)
1 – 4 Cases:            $46 / case
5 – 10 Cases:          $44 / case
11 – 20 Cases:        $41 / case   
21 – 50 Cases:        $36 / case    
For larger orders please inquire below.

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To Order please fill out the form below.  In the ‘message’ section indicate how many bags or cases you need & provide your phone number for fastest response.  A customer service representative will be in touch with you soon.