How to eat hot Pho on a Hot Day

Pho makes a hot day more enjoyable—and the hotter the better.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—how does eating hot soup on a scorching day make things better?

Actually, I can’t answer that–

Eating hot Pho on a hot day is just one of those things that sounds weird but actually works. So, you’ll have to try for yourself to understand. Here is how to do it:

First, on a hot day—remember the hotter the betterorder a togo Pho, go home or to your favorite park and sit down on your outside deck (or anywhere outside where you’ll be able to place the bowl securly while you eat).

Then get a big bowl (or just use the bowl Bep-pa provides with their togo orders of Pho) and put all the ingredients together like you usually do.

Don’t forget to add a little of the sriracha and hoisin. The bean sprouts and basil are a must here as well.

Make sure that before you pour the broth into the bowl that the broth is boiling hot—put it in the microwave for a minute or two until you see it bubbling.

Now, with everything together and the pho steaming hot, dig in.

And here’s where you start to sweat. It’s inevitable. As you eat outside in the hot weather you’re going to start to sweat—especially if you put the jalapenoes in the broth to spice it up. Don’t quit eating just because you’re heating up…keep at it!

Listen to this, here’s the important part: Every few moments pause and take notice of the breeze that carresses your skin, or if there is no breeze, then notice the stillness of the air. Listen to the birds. Watch the bees buzzing.

Now sip the broth again, letting the essence of the seasonings dance on your tongue.

Pause, and take notice of nature.


As Nhat Thich Hanh might say, this is the Earth kissing you.