How to Pair and Serve Moon Cakes

Moon cakes are traditional pastries with an autumn flare and there’s just something magical about them.

They only come around once every year. 

And they’re meant to be shared with family and friends.

But what is the best way to serve them?  And what’s even inside them?

Traditional, Fun, Satisfying

Moon cakes are only made and served during the Mid-Autumn festival in certain countries that follow the Lunar Calendar, such as Vietnam, China, and Laos.  

The traditional fillings include things like sweetened (but usually not overly sweet) bean, lotus, or melon paste., as well as egg yoke, and mixed nuts.

Not all moon cakes are the same and you will find a various of these and other ingredients.

One thing that is common about moon cakes is that care is taken to ensure they are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Special designs are must–and sometimes they will made into special shapes, like the shape of one of the animals from the lunar zodiac.  


Watch this video to learn more and to see how to pair and serve moon cakes: