Have You Ever Tried This Noodle Soup?

Are you looking for a place that has ramen in Gastonia?

There are a few places that claim to sell authentic ramen

…but maybe that sentence should just be left right there.

Look, we get it. Restaurants want to have different offerings for their guests—we certainly do.

And sometimes guests ask for things that a restaurant might not specialize in but, in order to please their clientele, restaurants add it to the menu anyway.  Ramen is a common one.

Certainly their hearts are in the right place.

But add on dishes like that always seem to be lackluster.

They’re just missing that special something that makes an item go from dinner to dazzling.

We’ve seen that with a lot of entrees that restaurant serve…like “Pad Thai” for example.

Perhaps what most places serve would be better described as “ketchup and noodles”.

Look, we know the difference. We make our Pad Thai the traditional way.

Sure, it’s harder and it means that sometimes the boss (Chris) has to burn the midnight oil.

But it’s sooo much better that way.

So, we’ve seen it with plenty of dishes that restaurants hawk, not just ramen.

But there is an authentic, noodle soup that is rich in flavor similar to ramen that you can get right here in Gastonia.

It’s called Pho.

It’s a Vietnamese beef broth soup that rivals ramen. In fact, people say its actually better than ramen.

You’re gonna love Pho!  Check this out:

Pho has a rich, deep flavor. It takes us about 24 hours total to prepare it.

That’s because it takes that long for the flavor to come out.

But this soup is more than just ‘beef soup‘. It has these surprising layers and elements.

Some of them twirl around you in the air.

Others dance on your tongue.

Oh, and then there are the health benefits (but that’s another topic altogether).

Maybe the next time you want an authentic noodle soup from Asia that can be found right here in Gastonia, consider trying Bep-pa’s pho.

People in Gastonia are loving it. And we think you will too!