In Gastonia There is a Weekly Holiday Called #TakeOutTuesday

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What is Take Out Tuesday?

Take Out Tuesday is a weekly ‘holiday’ in Gastonia where people order takeout from their favorite local establishments.

People do this for many reasons.

Sometimes they just need the break from cooking.

Other times they want to treat themselves.

And sometimes they want to make sure they are supporting the local economy and those establishments that do so much for our community.

Why is it important to participate in Take Out Tuesday?

Other than the immediate benefit you will receive (dinner), there are bigger reasons to participate.

The largest is that our local businesses give so much back to the community by providing services and community building that make our community so much stronger than it otherwise would.

For instance, local restaurants often provide the first job experience for teenagers, helping to teach them valuable lessons they will use later in their lives.

And restaurants are also involved in local charity or community organizations as well, like how Bep-pa recently did a scholarship fundraiser to help low-income children afford the costs associated with playing sports (in partnership with High 5 Sports Ministry & City Church)

Without your support, restaurant establishments wouldn’t be able to provide these valuable services to the community.

Plus, you don’t have to order a feast—even a small purchase helps!

But what should you order?

Here are our top 3 picks for weekday takeout:

1) Green Curry

To be honest, it was a toss-up between Green and Red curry–but, ultimately, we went with Green because it’ll give your Tuesday a little something special.

But why is a Thai curry in the number one spot?

That’s simple: because it’s just so satisfying. It’s rich, warm, and will hit the spot. You’re gonna enjoy every bite and you’ll love the contented feeling you’ll have when you’re done.

Pro Tip: Shower or take a bath before you eat so you can fully relax afterwards.

2) Sushi— Namely the Dragon Roll, The King of Sushi, or the Spicy Gastonia Roll

Sushi is great any day of the week, but it makes a perfect takeout item because it just so easy to eat–there’s no hassle with sushi.

So, you can enjoy tons of flavor sitting on the couch, lounging in your bed, or hanging out on the back deck (weather permitting).

Pro Tip: Check out Bep-pa’s Sushi Combo’s–especially all the special ones available ONLY online!

3) Pad Thai

Pad Thai is such an easy choice for takeout. Simple, yet flavorful, Thailand’s national dish won’t let you down.

If you’ve never had Pad Thai before, it’s a stir fry noodle dish. The best description of the flavor profile is “sweet and sour” but it’s nothing at all like Chinese sweet and sour.

You can choose chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, or the House Pad Thai (chicken, beef, and shrimp).

Hand’s down, Pad Thai is the most popular Thai dish out there.

Pro Tip: Guests say they love hoisin and/or sriracha on their Pad Thai! You can request it when you order 😉