The 3 things to try at Bep-pa

So you’ve decided to go to Bep-pa and have looked at the menu online but have no idea where to begin.

If that describes you, read on.

With everything that’s on the menu, and half of it being in another language, where do you start? There’s Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Curry, egg rolls, summer rolls (what’s the difference?)…and so much more. We’re going to cut through the six page menu for you. Here are the 3 things you’ve got to try:

  1. The No.1 thing you’ve got to try at Bep-pa is Pho (see the video on the Bep-pa facebook page about how to pronounce the word). Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup. It’s unique, full of flavor, and offers an experience that is unlike other cuisines found around Gastonia. You’ve got to try Pho at least once just to know what all the hype is about!

    Tip: Order the “Pho Combo” and ask the server for instruction on how to eat it—don’t be shy!
  1. The second thing you absolutely MUST try is the Thai Tea. This sweetened ice tea is amazing with smooth and fragrant flavors it tastes good and it will give you a nice caffeine boost!
  2. Shumai—oh just let me tell you about the shumai!!! When I tell people these dumplings are steamed they frown. They—like I did before trying them for the first time—assume that “steamed” means bland. These little white wrappings are anything but bland! If you eat one, you won’t be able to resist eating another! Do yourself a favor and get two orders to start with. You’ll thank me later.


I know it said “3” things but there is something else that must be mentioned here. Stay on the lookout for Bep-pa’s Limited Time Only dishes. These are specialty dishes that are authentic—not watered down for the American palate—exotic and only available for a short time, that might mean a day, a week, or a season. If you are adventurous, when you see one of these then jump on it because you never know how long it will last.