The "other" Asian food you're missing out on

You know about Asian food already, but you don’t know about this.

Chinese take-out places outnumber McDonalds’. Japanese places like Sake and Lucky Samurai serve the all-too-well-known teriyaki and hibachi dishes.

But there is another category of Asian food that is now the new trend.

Have you ever heard of Goi Cuon, Bun Thit Nuong, Com Chien, or Pho?

Most people hear those names and can’t make heads or tails of them because they are so foreign.

Surprised, they ask: are those really being sold in Gastonia?

(They are even more surprised at just how flavorful they are).

One of the most flavorful is called Pho. This is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup.

But that description sounds so…bland.

It doesn’t do the dish any justice at all.

In fact, people are amazed at how flavorful, soothing, and filling pho is.

Pho, along with goi cuon, bun thit nuong, and com chien, are just some of the types of food you will find at this local, hidden restaurant.

This Gastonia gem is tucked away in a Food Lion shopping center on Union Road.

And it’s the epicenter of the new trend of food that is exciting Gastonia.

But what exactly does this restaurant serve?

Bep-pa serves Vietnamese, Thai, Sushi, and a selection of dishes from Korean and Japan.

But it’s the Vietnamese food that has got Gastonia’s attention.

You see, Vietnamese food is different than other Asian food because Vietnam has a more diverse and wider culinary background than that which makes up the food of China or Japan.

Some of the things that people find when they try Vietnamese food for the first time is that it is more balanced in it’s flavoring, fresher with more spices and herbs.

It’s more exotic, healthier, and most important—it’s tastier!

Gastonia is growing and with that growth comes diversity. Now, Gastonia can finally claim that it is the home of an Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant.

Are you going to try it?