What Makes the Vietnamese Noodle Bowl so Good??

When you are looking for something healthy, packed with flavor, and new to try…this is the dish you’ve got to pick!

Vietnamese Noodle Bowl aka Bún Thịt Nướng

Bún Thịt Nướng literally translates to noodles & grilled meat

Now that already sounds pretty good by itself, but there’s more to this bowl than just noodles and meat…

This bowl is a fresh and healthy dish.  It is loaded with fresh veggies, herbs, and other garnishes (see video below) that all work together to create a dish that simply flies under the radar when it comes to taste!

And, I’ll tell you, there are guests that–once they have tried this fresh bowl–won’t get anything else!

Now, if you’re interested in an authentic and delicious Vietnamese meal, this one is a must try!

Does this bowl include any type of sauce?

Oh yes!  This bowl is served with this amazing little sauce called Vietnamese Vinaigrette.

How is Vietnamese Noodle Bowl eaten?

This one is pretty straight forward–take the Vietnamese Vinaigrette (did I saw how amazing that stuff is?) and pour it over the bowl.  Then, mix everything up and go at it!  The sauce, the veggies, the meat…everything compliments everything else!

But what if I don’t like noodles?  

Even if you don’t like noodles, you might consider giving the Vietnamese Noodle Bowl a try.  I’m not a big noodle fan, but I love this dish.  BUT–if you are adamantly opposed to noodles–there is this other item we serve called the Vietnamese Rice Bowl…and lucky for you it’s the same dish, except with rice instead of noodles!

Is this better for Dine-in or Take-out?

The Vietnamese Noodle Bowl is unique because it works great for either dine-in or take-out service!  Because the sauce is served on the side and not poured over the dish until you are ready to eat, this dish will maintain quality for extended periods of time (always refrigerate if you’re going to leave food out for more than two hours before eating).

This is a Traditional and Popular Dish in Vietnam

Here is a similar version of Bún Thịt Nướng that I had when I was in Vietnam recently:

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