The New Sushi Restaurant in Gastonia Everyone is Talking About

Sushi has become hugely popular in America over that last few years, and there is no sign of its popularity slowing any time soon!

If you are a sushi lover, or you are just getting started in sushi, there is a restaurant RIGHT HERE IN GASTONIA that you have got to try!

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People Say this Place Has the BEST Sushi Around

When I am serving the guests, I hear this multiple times a day!

“That’s the best sushi I’ve ever had!”

That’s what people tell me.  And they mean it.

People absolutely love my sushi.

But why?  Why is sushi at Bep-pa so much better than the other places around?

There are so many reasons…

From the flavor, to the presentation, to the convenience, to the fact that it can be paired up with so many other options on the menu…

But the main reason is that it tastes great!  

People just love the way it tastes!

And that’s because I put so much care into making it…


Let me break the sushi making process down for you.

Like any other cooking style, making sushi requires a set of steps.

It’s more than just slapping some rice, seaweed, and fish together.

(although that’s what a lot of places do…)

Think of it like a painting.  The difference between what you or I could paint and a masterpiece is more about the details of the process rather than the skill with the brush.

Bob Ross doesn’t just put green on canvas and call it grass.  He uses different shades of green, applied in different layers, with different strokes.

The overall effect is a beautiful landscape.

Making sushi is much the same.


There’s a lot that happens before the roll is ever rolled.

For instance, lets talk about the rice.

Now, there are all kinds of rice.  The specific type of rice that is used for sushi is a medium grain (this refers to the length of the grain).

Medium grains tend to have the ability to be ‘sticky’ (but they’re not the same as what we would call sticky rice, so don’t get them confused!)

BUTthere are differences even in medium grain rices.

Most places out there use Kokuho sushi rice.

Kokuho is a big name when it comes to sushi rice.  Think of them as the “Ford” of sushi rice–reasonably priced and dependable.

But they’re not a BMW or Mercedes. 

The rice I use at Bep-pa is different.  It is specially selected, grown, harvested, and handled by a Japanese company that specializes in sushi.

It costs us more money for this rice, but it’s worth it.

The first time I tried it I was amazed.  The quality difference is tangible even before tasting it.

The "Ford" of Sushi Rice

How the rice is cooked is just as important as which rice is selected.

Sushi rice goes through a carefully monitored process in order to get it ready to roll.

First, it has to be washed.  Different schools will teach different techniques.  But the important takeaway is that you want to remove the “cloudy” water that appears when you rinse the rice.

Then you add the water for cooking.

Sushi rice requires less water than ‘regular’ rice.

This is where a lot of people mess up.

This is a hugely important step.

Too much or too little water and the rice won’t have the right taste and consistency.

I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants around here seemed to get this step wrong.

Last but not least, the rice has to be cooked for exactly a certain amount of time.

Steamed rice can be cooked and then allowed to sit and it will be fine.

But sushi rice must be pulled out of the pot at exactly the right time!

Then comes the vinegar.

The word Sushi comes from the Japanese words Su and Meshi–meaning vinegar and rice respectively.

Sumeshi overtime became Sushi.

So, sushi rice must have vinegar.

Not only does the vinegar add to the taste but it just wouldn’t be sushi without it!

Now, with sushi, everything is a science.

That statement will run contrary to what a lot of sushi guys out there will tell you.

They’ll say that sushi is an art.

If truth be told, there is an artistic aspect to sushi–but that comes at the end, when it’s being put together.

The prep side of sushi is all science.

It’s time and temperature and measurements.

It has to be controlled precisely to get the right output.

All the parts have to be done just right.

If any of the small steps are skipped, the end result just isn’t the same.

Take the vinegar for instance.

It has to be rice vinegar to start with–and I’m sure all restaurants around here know that much at least.

But it has to be brewed as well–there are other ingredients that need to be added to the vinegar to give it a more full and robust flavor.


Now, look, there is a ton more that I could explain about how sushi is made…

(And I just might do a special blog with more details for you in the future!)

But before I get go down that rabbit hole, let me circle back and explain a little more about why you are going to love the Sushi at Bep-pa!

It’s Convenient!

Don’t overlook the convenience factor of being able to order your favorite sushi rolls at the same place that you get your Pho, Pad Thai, Bibimbap, and Hibachi Bowl

Not only that, but we delivery through third parties like Doordash and Grubhub.

Online Ordering is available HERE for pick-up.

So now you have one restaurant you can visit to find all your favorite Asian dishes!

You don’t have to travel to Charlotte for a good pan-Asian restaurant anymore!  Now you’ve got one right here in Gastonia!

We Have the Most Popular Sushi Rolls…and More!

We have all your favorite rolls.

I’ve been doing Sushi for a long time and I’ve been in Gastonia for a long time, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of what people around here like.

You are going to find a ton of rolls that you absolutely love on Bep-pa’s sushi menu.

For instance, the Spicy Gastonia Roll has been a major hit.

The Lava roll is another.

And the King of Sushi is a third.

But we’ve got all your usual favorites as well, like the spicy tuna roll, the Philadelphia roll, or the shrimp tempura roll (just to name a few).

You can see our current sushi menu here:

What Roll Should I Order If I’m New To Sushi

If you’re new to sushi here are the BEST rolls to try first:

Cooked Rolls:

If you want sushi that is fully cooked, then these are the top four to try first:

Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll — Shrimp that are battered in tempura and then deep fried are on the inside, with a duo of sauces on the top, this one is an easy one to fall in love with!

Crunchy Roll — Bep-pa’s Crunchy Roll is unlike any other.  It’s an amazing combination of kani-tempura, avocado, crunchy flakes, spicy and eel sauce, and masago–but ask to leave the masago off if you want yours fully cooked!  The crunchy roll is a Gastonia favorite!

Dragon Roll — Shrimp tempura, cream cheese (why is cream cheese SO good in sushi??) cucumber, avocado, and cooked eel come together to create a roll that is visually appealing and delicious!

Diablo Roll — The fish in this one is fully cooked but otherwise this rolls a little devilish!

Raw Rolls:

If you’re looking for rolls with raw fish in them, try one of these:

Spicy Tuna Roll — This classic roll is filled with ‘spicy tuna’ and is topped with spicy mayo.

Rainbow Roll — This is another classic.  It’s a cali roll inside but is topped with various types of raw fish.  It’s beautiful and tastes great!

#15 Crunchy Roll -- a MUST Try

These All Seem Normal.  What Else Do You Have?

If you’re looking for something different, here are a couple rolls to consider:

An American in Tokyo — As the name suggests, this roll is a combination of the familiar and the foreign.

The King of Sushi Roll — Definitely one of our most popular rolls, this one has everything a sushi roll should have 😉

The Russian Roulette — this is a fun one to share with a couple friends.  Think of it like an Alaskan roll but with a little surprise somewhere inside.  And, if you’re especially brave, ask them to upgrade it to ‘Thai Style‘.

Et Tu, Tuna? — Not technically on the menu at the time of this writing, but still one of our signature (and semi-secret) rolls.  This one is a MUST try!

Tiger Roll

OK, Where Can I Find Your Menu?

Make Sure To Check Out This Video to SEE Even More of Our Rolls!