You've been ordering lunch wrong

This healthy lunch is quick and affordable but you’ve never heard of it.

There is a new dish that is taking Gastonia by storm and there’s nothing typical about it.

First, it’s both healthy and it taste great. It’s low in cholesterol, low in sodium, low in sugar (the secret killer that no one pays attention to). While other common foods (we won’t call anyone out—this time) are loaded with everything your doctor and your conscious says not to have, this dish is lite on the bad and heavy on the healthy.

It’s called: Vietnamese Rice Bowl, and it is taking 28056 by storm. Everyone that has tried it loves it—just check out the reviews on facebook about Bep-pa. Imagine Sake express—but healthy. That’s what you’re getting here.

Find it under “Rice & Noodles” on Bep-pa’s menu. It is loaded with fresh veggies and comes with your choice of grilled protein. Plus if you need to go low carb, all you have to do is ask and the premium jasmine rice can be replaced with salad.

Get the added benefit of ease when you order this meal togo—it makes a great lunch for you or an easy order for the whole office.